Get On! Season 2

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  • Get On! Episode 19

    On tonight's show: Claire Pitt Wigmore, Nathan Smith and Niall McNamee

    Claire Pitt Wigmore
    Claire Pitt Wigmore is a multi-instrumentalist from Margate who performs ambient, blues styled riffs using her electric guitar and loop pedal. Accompanied by me...

  • Get On! Episode 18

    On tonight's show: Katie Kittermaster, Corinna Jane and Talk In Code

    Katie Kittermaster
    With her spry pop framework, Katie Kittermaster articulates the melancholy of young adulthood with wit, warmth and clarity. She possesses an ability to express some...

  • Get On! Episode 17

    On tonight's show: Apple Shakers, Marstone and Perfectparachutepicture

    Apple Shakers
    Apple Shakers are an Alt Indie duo from East London. They pull inspiration from Indie, Psychedelia, Punk and Alt Rock which combine to create an honest and powerful guitar ...

  • Get On! Episode 16

    On tonight's show: Leon Tilbrook and Karma Sheen

    Leon Tilbrook -
    Leon Tilbrook is a young singer/songwriter from South East London. Leon performs solo acoustic and also with his new band, Kasper Pauley on guitar, Laurie Milton on keys, Naomi Temi on backin...

  • Get On! Episode 15

    On tonight's show: Le Junk, Baba Ali and NOPRISM

    Le Junk @lejunkk
    Surfacing amidst the mayhem of 2020, multi-instrumentalist Le Junk is a solo artist from London making infectious alternative-pop through a glitzy mishmash of indie electronica and sleazy disco rock. His debut single ‘Rich Romance...

  • Get On! Episode 14

    On tonight's show: Bandicoot, The Ovines and RANT

    Bandicoot @whoarebandicoot
    Reclaiming for a new generation the poetry of Dylan, the stark beauty and unhinged rock n roll of mid-70s John Cale, and Badfinger's melancholic timeless songcraft, this is Bandicoot. Their sound flows like post-industr...